I’m so glad you stopped by! Step into my sewing room and have a look around. Like nearly anyone who’s been sewing and quilting for any length of time I found myself dreaming of the perfect sewing space – with an enormous work table and lots of shelving to display all that beautiful fabric. I planned it down to the last drawer, cupboard and tool rack.

Over the years I’ve had many different sewing rooms – some large and some very (very) small. I’ve tried out every configuration I could figure out and found what I liked and what didn’t work for me. A few years ago, I left “the corporate work life” behind, designed my own line of tea, coffee and kitchen accessories and a business was born. My sewing room grew to proportions I had never dreamed of – as my business grew – so did the sewing room. It grew completely out of that room and into a beautiful studio / storefront location in a historic building near our home. Perfect!

Dreams can come true!

Even better – my sewing room has become Quilter’s Corner Store!

Quilter's Corner Store - Fabric WallAll that shelving, storage racks, cupboards and that enormous work table have transformed my own sewing room into the coziest, most beautiful corner quilt shop you’ll ever love.

Stocked with several hundred bolts of quality quilting fabrics, books and patterns featuring small projects – perfect for the beginning or intermediate quilter, cotton quilting thread in dozens of colors and quilting tools I have selected for their quality and usefulness. Quilter’s Corner Store is a quilter’s dream come true.