Pillow CoverWelcome to QUILTBLOX ™!

QUILTBLOX ™ is a series of Small Project Patterns for Quilting and Sewing. Each pattern is designed to be a fun, quick and easy to complete project where you end up with a useful item for your home or gift for a friend.

Let’s face it – as quilters – we often struggle to complete projects. I know that’s sometimes true for me (I always have a large project or two in the works). I’ve noticed that if I work on something small and actually complete it I’m more motivated to go back and complete some of my larger projects too.

Bite Size Projects

For this pattern series – I like to focus on “bite size” projects that incorporates all the basic steps of quilting – on a greatly reduced scale. Pillow covers, table runners, crib quilts and more – each comes to you as a detailed, fully illustrated pattern – some that include multiple project sizes in the same pattern. Each can be completed in a few of hours or so and would make a fun gift for anyone just learning to sew.

Many of these Small Projects can be scaled up to a larger quilt if you find that you really enjoy a particular design – where appropriate, I’ve given you instructions in each QUILTBLOX ™ pattern for increasing the size of the project.

Where do the designs come from?

Some of the block designs are my own original designs, some are based on traditional blocks I have adapted for the QUILTBLOX ™ Small Project Patterns. Some are easy to piece patterns and other are very easy applique. All have been tested by a wide variety of local quilters to make certain they are complete and easy to follow.

Have fun with them!