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Emilie Kahn
Emilie Kahn

Label It

Guest post by Emilie Kahn

As anyone who has picked up a needle and thread with the intention of creating a quilt top knows, quilts can be treasured gifts for many years to come. A completed quilt represents many hours of love, sweat, and sometimes – blood from needle pricks or a mishandled rotary cutter.

So many times as quilters we put the last stitch in place and gift a quilt with the hope that it will not only be loved by the recipient, but that the details will always be remembered:

  • Who it was created by
  • Who it was created for
  • When it was created
  • Was it created to mark a special occasion

If we are lucky enough that that quilt is kept and cherished for another generation (or even two or more), there’s a likelihood that the who and when of that quilt’s creation will be lost, despite anyone’s effort to the contrary.

Lots of Creative Options

There are many options on how to label a quilt and what to include in that label, including:

  • Embroidering your name and the completion date on an extra block to attach to the quilt back,
  • Writing on a square of muslin who the quilt was created for, the quilt pattern used, and the date it was gifted, with your initials to stitch to the back.
  • Another option is having preprinted or embroidered customized labels made for you through sellers on websites like, as few as one or as many as you can manage. Instructions and templates for making a quilt label are all over the Internet, and are just a Google search away.

An artist signs her painting when she completes it, so why not add a label when you finish your quilt? Generations to come will remember and appreciate your efforts.

These are a few of the labels I’ve created recently.

Label 3    Label 2   Label 1


Happy Quilting!


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