Getting a head start with Pre-cuts

Pre-CutsA guest post by Emilie Kahn

Jelly Rolls and Bali Pops and Layer Cakes and Candy – oh my! What does all this have to do with quilting anyway?

If you’re new to quilting (or even if you have been at it for a while) you may have seen precuts on display at your favorite quilt shop and not yet tried them out. Some of the terminology can be a little  confusing, so I’ll try to clear it up a bit.

  • Fat Eighth: A cut of fabric 9” x 22”.
  • Fat Quarter: A cut of fabric 18” x 22”.
  • Fat Eighth or Fat Quarter Bundle: These are bundles of fabric consisting of 12 to 42 fat eighths or fat quarters. They are usually from one fabric collection or line and will consist of one or two cuts of each print. They can also be bundled for a specific quilt pattern or color scheme.
  • Mini Charm Pack: Also called Candy these are packs of 42 – 2.5” squares.
  • Charm Pack: These are a collection of 20 to 42 – 5” squares from one fabric line. These can also be called 5” Stackers. Sometimes these will be released before the fabric yardage as a preview for the line.
  • Layer Cake: A set of 11 to 42 – 10” squares from one fabric line, also called 10” Stackers.
  • Rollie Pollie, Jelly Roll, or Design Roll:  These are a compilation of 15 to 42 fabric strips 2.5” wide by 44” – long usually from one fabric line.
  • Dessert Rolls: These can also be called Twice the Charm and are rolls of 20 – 5” to 6” strips of fabric.

Precuts are a great way to get a quick start on a quilt project, and can save you a lot of time, some of the cutting is already done for you so you can get right to the fun part – piecing! They’re also a great way to get a lot of (coordinated) variety in a quilt top without spending hours trying to choose fabrics. For these reasons precuts have gained a lot of popularity in the past few years and because of that – you will see a wealth of patterns and books that are “precut friendly” – stop by Quilter’s Corner Store for a little “precut” inspiration.

Pick up a precut for your next project and give it a try, you might just find it’s the perfect way to start a new project!

Happy Quilting!


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