Quilting with the Next Generation

Guest Post by Emilie Kahn

singerdollAs my daughter approaches her third birthday, I find myself thinking about when and how to start teaching her to sew. She already has a great interest in fabric: “helping” me choose fabrics and playing with little scraps and trimmings that I give her. She loves to sit on my lap and watch me feed pieces into my sewing machine; I can’t help but imagine that she enjoys the process as much as I do.

How do we pass on the passion for quilting on to the next generation? Here are some things you can do

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Caring for your Quilt

This is a Guest Post by Emilie Kahn

Emilie Kahn
Emilie Kahn

Cleaning Your Quilt

In the process of being used for snuggling on the couch, picnics in the park, covering a bed, or as a play mat for a baby – quilts get dirty. Making a beloved handmade quilt shine like when it was first completed takes a little work and time, but the effort is well worth it.

Before cleaning your quilt give it a visual once over. Are there any places that are getting thin, or a hole is already starting and may need a patch? Are there stains that can be easily spot treated? Treat these trouble spots before cleaning as the cleaning process may worsen any trouble spots.

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Quilt Storage

Stack of Quilts - Haiti by Hand
Photo Credit: Haiti by Hand

This is a guest post by Emilie Kahn

Storing A Beloved Quilt

After spending countless hours creating a quilt and displaying it with love, the time will eventually come that it will need to be put into storage. How you store your quilt is very important to the life of the quilt. Improper storage can mean a bitter end for any quilt – often resulting in mildew, mites, and rips or decaying of the fabric.

It is important that all of the components for your quilt’s storage be acid free. This means archival boxes or tubes, sealed wood chests or shelves, acid-free tissue paper, untreated and washed muslin and cotton batting. Never store a quilt

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Batting – So Many Choices

BattingA Guest Post by Emilie Kahn

Batting is used in a variety of sewing projects and the type you could use may differ for every project depending on what the desired end effect is. Polyester, or a cotton polyester blend, versus a natural fiber batting like 100% wool, cotton or bamboo, the choices can make your head swim if you don’t know what you’re looking for. When looking at all the options, several questions should be considered:

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Back to Pieces

A guest post by Emilie Kahn

Chances are if you’re making a quilt larger than for a baby or a lap you will need to put together at least two pieces of fabric for the back. Rather than piecing together two pieces of the same fabric why not add some interest to the back?

Making a pieced back wouldn’t take much more time than sewing the initial two larger pieces of fabric together and it’s a great way to use up any extra fabric or blocks you may have leftover. 

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Getting a head start with Pre-cuts

Pre-CutsA guest post by Emilie Kahn

Jelly Rolls and Bali Pops and Layer Cakes and Candy – oh my! What does all this have to do with quilting anyway?

If you’re new to quilting (or even if you have been at it for a while) you may have seen precuts on display at your favorite quilt shop and not yet tried them out. Some of the terminology can be a little  confusing, so I’ll try to clear it up a bit.

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So Many Leftovers

What to do with those leftovers

This is a guest post by Emilie Kahn

Emilie Kahn
Emilie Kahn

There is no right, wrong, or perfect way to sort your fabric scrap collection. Clearly it’s personal preference – here is my method.

Step 1

The first step is to decide if the scraps should be sorted by size or color. This totally depends on your quilting style. Do you tend to go looking for scraps of a certain size, or the perfect color piece? Pick what works for you and go with it.

Step 2

Second, I would recommend folding the scraps. There is nothing worse than finding exactly what you want

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Label Those Quilts

Emilie Kahn
Emilie Kahn

Label It

Guest post by Emilie Kahn

As anyone who has picked up a needle and thread with the intention of creating a quilt top knows, quilts can be treasured gifts for many years to come. A completed quilt represents many hours of love, sweat, and sometimes – blood from needle pricks or a mishandled rotary cutter.

So many times as quilters we put the last stitch in place and gift a quilt with the hope that it will not only be loved by the recipient, but that the details will always be remembered:

  • Who it was created by
  • Who it was created for
  • When it was created
  • Was it created to mark a special occasion

If we are lucky enough that that quilt is kept and cherished

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